The Christmas Cracker, last Sunday’s impromptu ice cream run to St Heliers, was such a hit with sailors and parents keen to make the most of a high tide and sea breeze, the week before Christmas.  Twenty dinghies in four fleets – Mistrals and Starlings, Optis and Ps – plus a small flotilla of GBC RHIBs in support, beat their way out of the Tamaki (and the Mistrals and Starlings round Browns Island) before taking a long reach to the beach at St Heliers.

It’s a wee way to St Heliers so well done to our younger sailors for going the distance.  Well done also to two LTS graduates who joined the flotilla but, after being thwarted by the big incoming tide, made the right decision to leave their Optis at GBC and hitch a lift with a support boat