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Here at Glendowie Boating Club we are passionate about introducing people to sailing at all levels.  For our young first-time sailors we offer a coaching pathway to take them from complete beginners through to competent sailors, where they can then join with our race training fleets for competitive sailing.

The first level is called Learn To Sail where the sailors are introduced to the Optimist dinghy and the basics of sailing are taught. At this level it is all about becoming competent in the boats and learning to sail their boats independently.  At Glendowie we offer enthusiastic coaches with experience and an excellent understanding of coaching at this level to teach the kids in the best way possible. At this level the club provides each child with an Optimist dinghy for the duration of the course (stored at the club).   This gives the freedom of having a go at sailing without the up-front commitment and cost of buying a boat.

Once competent in their sailing the sailors move into the Upskillers level where they are introduced to basics of racing and how to sail around a racing course. Again, competent and enthusiastic coaches are employed to provide the sailors with the best education possible and introduce this new level in a fun way. At this level sailors are required to purchase their own Optimist dinghies to sail in.  The club has many experienced coaches and parents that can advise on purchasing a dinghy and the club also has the ability to store dinghies at the club in secure sheds, thus avoiding the need to take boats home after each session.

Once capable of sailing around a course the sailors move into the Optimist racing fleets, first the Green fleet and then onto the Open fleet to compete with top-level youngsters.  At this level we encourage sailors to participate in regattas and events around the country.   After the Optimist, sailors can move into the Starling, a New Zealand designed boat for which Glendowie is the home and in which sailors can compete at a higher level.

All through the learning process the club provides support for the sailors and their families assisting in the purchasing of boats, maintenance and become involved in the sailing sport. Most importantly to our club is the integration of all members into the community and providing a place to be involved in sailing in a fun way.
Come down to the club on Sundays or get in contact with David Fehl on Ph 027 479 2192
Come down and have a go!

Holiday Learn to Sail Program
This Learn to Sail programme is offered as a Holiday programme, which is a 5 day, 3 1/2 hours per day course held in the school holidays.  Parents are not required to be present for this programme, although parents are welcome at any time. Sailors are advantaged in the long term if parents take an active interest in learning rigging and basic techniques.

Holiday Learn to Sail (LTS) January 2018
The next Holiday Learn to Sail Course starts in January. Registrations are open for the Holiday Learn to Sail Course from the 15th – 19th January 2018. The course will run from 9:00am to 1:00pm each day.  The cost of the course is $340.00 per sailor ($270.00 for members) and includes the use of a club optimist training dinghy and all coaching fees.
Registrations can only be confirmed upon receipt of payment
Click here to register for the Holiday LTS program

Foundation Learn to Sail Sunday – pre Christmas/post Christmas
Glendowie Boating Clubs foundation Learn-to-sail programme runs each Sunday during the Spring and Summer season.  The next programme will start in September 2016 and will run for ten sessions.  The cost of the course is $220 per sailor plus membership fees and includes the use of a club optimist training dinghy and all coaching fees.

For registration and more details visit ClubHub or email the secretary on admin@gbcyachting.org.nz
LTS Convenor: David Fehl 027 479 2192 or davidfehl@outlook.co.nz