2-Handed Sailing

The Mistral was designed by local yacht designer Des Townson who also designed the Starling.  They are a classic class for two handed sailing with a mainsail, jib and spinnaker. Renowned for their good looks and sparkling performance, especially on a reach with the kite up. Perfect for parent/child, 2 adults or 2 teenagers to sail them.  GBC also has a small fleet of Fevas which we inend to exand in 2018-19.

We have had some great seasons of Mistral sailing at the GBC. What weather we have had! We have seen some fantastic crew combinations in the yachts which is exactly what we had hoped would happen with the evolution of the class at GBC. Dads with daughters, and sons. Two up, three up. Two Dads together, Dads on their own (always entertaining). Teenagers together. What a mix. Absolutely fantastic. We also enticed 4 mums out on the water last season. The way things are shaping up there could be some fathers left on the deck on a more regular basis, having been given the elbow by the teenagers wanting to take over the boats. To be fair this is a progression that we all encourage to help the younger ones grow and develop their sailing skills and experiences.

We plan to do some more adventures in the Mistrals over Winter as we did last year. One a month if we can plan it around the tides. Keep an eye on the website for the upcoming dates.

For more information about the Mistral Class see www.mistral.org.nz
For information about Mistrals and Fevas at GBC please contact Brett Huddart on email brett.huddart@fphcare.co.nz
Storage for Mistrals and Fevas is now available at the club. Contact David Reid david@reid.net.nz