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Next Race Day
GBC Racing (Sprint Races - All Classes) will be held on the 29th March. Racing starts at 14:00hrs, briefing at 13:30hrs.
Optimist Training Fleets (LTS and LTR) report at 13:30hrs.

Final leg of the East Auckland Opti/Starling Series at Maraetai on Saturday 28th March
here for details.

The next Holiday Learn to Sail Courses start on Monday 13th April 2015.
Registrations are now being accepted for the Holiday Learn to Sail Courses starting on Monday April 13 to Friday April 17. Two courses are being run a morning course from 9:00am to 12:30pm and an afternoon course from 1:00pm to 4:30pm each day. The cost of the course is $330.00 per sailor and includes the use of a club optimist training dinghy and all coaching fees.
Click here to register for the Holiday LTS program 

Club Champs - 22nd March 2015
Just another great days sailing out on the river. Smiles from one side to the other. Opti's, Starlings and Mistrals all competing for Club Honours

Club Champs 2015
Training Fleets

Club Champs 2015 - 2

Club Champs 2015 - 3
Sam Liddell riding high

Club Champs 2015 - 3

Club Champs 2015 - 5

Club Champs 2015 - 6

Club Champs 2015 - 7

Club Champs 2015 - 8
Jack Floyd cruising

Club Champs 2015 - 9

Club Champs 2015 - 10

Club Champs 2015 - 11

Club Champs 2015 - 13

Club Champs 2015 - 14

Club Champs 2015 - 15
Jonathan Turnbull rounding the mark

Club Champs 2015 - 16
Susan and Chris Adams doing the Mistral thing

Protest Room Simulation - 15th March 2015
Last Sunday all sailing at GBC was cancelled because Cyclone Pam was bearing down on us.
For the race fleets, our Head Coach Ollie ran a very successful session on the Racing Rules. He started with an overview of the rules, then went on to set up teams to compete against each other in a Protest Room situation, given some typical scenarios. I think all sailors, young and old benefited from the discussion. The session reinforced the need for all sailors to have a good knowledge of the rules, as well as being aware of critical situations developing and then communicating clearly with competitors on the water.
Thanks Ollie for leading this, to our protest panel of Jackson, Simon and David; and to all sailors who took part.

Protest - 1
Jonathan Turnbull explaining his side to the Protest Committee

Protest - 3
Working through scenarios

Protest 4
Head Coach Ollie Steiner reminds sailors of the rules of sailing

Protest 5
Working through protest scenarios

Protest 6
Protest One: mark room

Protest 7
Protest two: start line

Round Browns Island - Sunday 8th March 2015
This is one of the highlights in the GBC calendar, and a big adventure that the sailors all look forward to each year. Sailors in all classes headed off together and sailed around Browns Island before returning to the club. Opti Learn-to-Race joined in the fun too, sailing to and from the island.

Browns Island 2015
Jack Floyd racing in a Starling

Browns Island 2015 - 2
Opti making good progress

Browns Island 2015 - 3
Couple of Opti's presumably about to lap Vincent in his Arrow

Browns Island 2015 - 3
Wild but lovely!!

Browns Island 2015 - 5
Roxy has it right!! Where else would you want to be?

For Sailors interested in the 420 Class

Click here for a flyer on 420 Sailing courtesy of the the International 420 Class Association

YNZ Club Rescue Boat Training
Fifteen GBC and BBYC members took part in a YNZ Club Rescue Boat Operator training course at GBC on Saturday, 7 March.  The course teaches the essentials of launching and handling club boats, seamanship and planning, communication, laying buoys, rescue situations, towing, rules of the road at sea, and end of day procedures.  Our team of experienced boaties and novices all learned new skills and gained greater confidence in situations they may encounter on days when the going gets tough on the water.  Club members who are interested in learning these valuable skills should let the Commodore or other committee members know theyre keen so we can arrange another course before too long.

Many thanks to our instructor, Peter Head of Elements Watersports. And to the Auckland Yachting and Boating Association (AYBA) for arranging and subsidising the course.

Club RIBs ready for action, start of day

Introduction to the club RIBs and what to ensure you have on board

Cath Costello at the helm

Action on the water

Jack Floyd enjoy capsize rescue, without getting wet (well, without getting too wet)

Chris Adams flushes outboard and tidies up, leaving RIB how he expects to find it next time

Sunday 1st March - 3rd leg of the East Auckland Opti/Starling Series
GBC hosted this leg of the series in perfect conditions with around 42 Optis' and 11 Starlings competing for their clubs.

Many thanks to our guest Race Officer, John Woodyear-Smith, whose experience and knowledge was key to holding four well run races for each fleet.  Many thanks also to our many willing volunteers who (among other things) handled registrations, fed the hungry sailors, managed the starts, collated the results, sorted prizes, ensured safety on the water and put everything away after a long day. 

And many thanks to our generous sponsors who donated sailing gear and cinema passes and experiences on the water and in Americas cup boats.  Please support our sponsors, all keen supporters of Youth Sailing: NZSailing.net, North Sails, Explore Group, Southern Pacific Inflatables and Hoyts Cinemas .  

Prizes were awarded to:
Opti Green (click here for full results)
1st - Holly Padfield
2nd - Josh Mayer
3rd - Guy Weenink

Opti Open (click here for full results)
1st - William Beauchamp
2nd - Jack Webber
3rd - Pablo Schone de la Nuez

Starling (click here for full results)
1st - Nick Reid
2nd - Matt Connolly
3rd - Matt Brewer

(Click here to access the Photo Gallery)

Race 3 kicks off
Opti-Starling Series 2015 - 1
View of Race 3 (courtesy of Roger Powell)

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 2
incl. W Beauchamp, NZL 4217 (1st place Opti Open) & P Schoene de la Nuez, NZL 4331 (3rd place Opti Open)

Opts - Starling Series GBC - 9
Opti Green fleet jostles for the best start

Opts - Starling Series GBC - 10
Opti Open fleet lines up for the start

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 4
Nick Reid (1st Place Starling)

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 3
Matt Connolly (2nd place Starling)

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 5
Matt Brewer (3rd Place Starling)

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 6
W Beauchamp, NZL 4217 coming in to the finish 

Opti - Starling Series GBC - 10
Opti Open mid-race (courtesy of R. Beauchamp)

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 7
Starlings head off in Race 2

Opti-Starling Series GBC 2015 - 8
Mistrals head off into the sun

Sunday 22nd Feb - Points Races for Optis and Starlings with GBC also hosting day 2 of the Auckland Mistral Championships 2015
Busy day on the river with around 60 boats making the most of the conditions.
Mistral Champs 2015 - 1

Mistral Racing
Mistral Champs 2015 - 2

Brewer Family Spooking the competition out
Mistral Champs 2015 - 3

Mistrals race to the mark
Mistral Champs 2015 - 4

Bayonets Attached!!
Mistral Champs 2015 - 5

Optis were out in force
Optis at GBC

Optis jostling for position
Optis Battle It Out
W Beauchamp, NZL 4217 & P Schoene de la Nuez, NZL 4331

Starling versus Mistral
Starling and Mistral - 1
Alvaro (Starling) and Matt Connolly and Jack Floyd (Mistral)

Learn to Race taking centre stage
Learn to Race

Learn to Sail (nice day for a swim)
Learn to Sail

The importance of reading Tide Charts properly
Importance of reading tides


Junior Sail Auckland (@Kohi Yacht Club)
Contented group of sailors returned from Kohi after the Junior Sail Regatta (14-15 Feb). Results are up on the KYC website and can be found

Reasonable race conditions prevailed and we have 10 sailors positively glowing after the weekend's racing. Big thanks to all the parents and to the coaches, Lisa, Ollie, Wade and Arkady...

Junior Champs 2015
Beautiful Day at Kohi Beach

Watching sailing dinghies from 3km away may not be easy, but it still beats watching the cricket!
Junior Champs 2015 - 2
20-20 Vision

Junior Champs 2015 - 3
Opti Prep (Guy Weenink)

Alvaro perhaps offering a prayer before entering the water!!
Junior Champs 2015 - 4
Alvaro Nola Dodd

Nice to see a Starling move so quickly!
Junior Champs 2015 - 5
Matt Brewer (with father Nick)

Junior Champs 2015 - 6
Sam Liddell (the solitude of sailing)

Junior Champs 2015 - 7
Last minute prep on the Opti fleet

Junior Champs 2015 - 8
Intensive coaching underway

No Wind - All In Drag Race
Lack of wind on Sunday 8th Feb failed to spoil the fun of our inventive sailors. LTR, Opti's (Green and Open), and Starlings all banded together for a one leg drag race. Sailing rules prohibiting ouching, pumping, rocking etc. were relaxed. Pictures below..
Drag Race 1

Drag Race 2

Drag Race 3

Drag Race 4

2015 Overnight Motuihe Trip for Starling Sailors
One of the highlights of the year for our Starling sailors is their annual trip to Motuihe Island in the Hauraki Gulf. This year saw 8 sailors take part and enjoy the challenge of sailing from the GBC to Motuihe, setting up their campsite, exploring the island, and sailing back to the club the following day.
Motuihe Group 2015 - 1
2015 GBC Sailors - Group Picture (Left to Right; Kate Hillman, Alvaro Nola-Dodd, Jack Floyd, Matt Connolly, Jonathan Turnbull, Matt Brewer, Sam Liddell, and Abby McGeorge

Motuihe 15 - Dinner
BBQ Saturday Night

Motuihe 15 - Hillman
Kate Hillman leading the charge (background - Sam, Alvaro, Matt Brewer and Matt Connolly)

Motuihe 15 - Formation
Nice formation as we pass Rangitoto and head in for home

Motuihe 15 - Connolly
Matt Connolly racing towards Browns Island (Alvaro behind)

Motuihe 15 - View
View from the campsite

First we heard a tearing sound, then a giant whooshing of gas. I wondered if we'd poisoned him at the BBQ! Then I noticed he couldn't breathe and I immediately thought he may be experiencing a medical event. But Richard had simply snagged his lifejacket's rip cord on a piece of luggage he was carrying towards the boat!! And out of his life vest had sprung a giant inflated lifejacket that seemed intent on strangling him .

Good to see these things working. Amazing how powerful they are!!
Motuihe 15 - Richard
Richard Dodd running an impromptu lifejacket test

National Starling Match Racing - January 2015
Once again the GBC was host to the National Starling Match Racing Champs. Sailors representing most provinces throughout New Zealand gathered at the club on a glorious Friday evening for a warm GBC welcome to the 2015 edition.

Racing got underway at 10.00am Saturday morning in light north easterly winds. The wind freshened slightly in the afternoon and by the end of the days racing 66 races were completed with all 12 sailors having raced against one another.

With Sunday came another superb Auckland day although unfortunately without Charlotte Porter representing the Auckland region. Charlotte had to be rushed to Auckland Hospital with appendicitis on Saturday evening. Matt Connolly from the GBC kindly filled in for Charlotte but his wins were not able to be counted. Similar to Saturdays programme all 12 sailors once again raced one another but in the boat of their opposite number the previous day. After 132 races over two very full days racing in near perfect sailing conditions four semi-finalists emerged: Nick Gardiner representing Nelson Marlborough, Jason Hewitt representing Waikato, Matt Wylie representing Canterbury and Jeremy Mitchell representing North Harbour.
The semis and the finals were sailed on Monday in light south westerly winds. There was a keener edge to the racing with some very close and hard fought contests. Matt Wylie eventually emerged as the winner with Jeremy Mitchell as runner-up.

The Waitemata lived up to its name and the sparkling waters at the mouth of the Tamaki River proved a worthy venue. The buzz about the club after the racing was that this was a very successful regatta probably the best ever Starling Match Racing Nationals. The GBC support both on and off the water was first class and was a huge part of the success of this regatta.

Click here for an article (published in Sail-World by Brian Peet).

Final Results
1st - Matthew Wylie (Canterbury)
2nd - Jeremy Mitchell (North Harbour)
3rd - Jason Hewitt (Waikato)
4th - Nick Gardiner (Nelson Marlborough)

5th - Shae Donahoe (Northland)
6th - Fergus Frame (South Island Wildcard)
7th - Rick Sanders (Southland)
8th - Tom Maidment (Bay of Plenty)

9th - Cameron Wright (North Island Wildcard)
10th - William Pitt (Taranaki)
11th - Charlotte Porter (Auckland)
12th - Zoe Bennett (Wellington)

Trophy Presentation
match trophy
Matthew Wylie picks up the winners trophy ( left Peter Lester and right Richard Brown)

Some of the action from Day 2
Photo 18-01-15 1 37 15 pm

Photo 18-01-15 12 58 59 pm

Photo 18-01-15 1 36 16 pm

Nick Gardiner and William Pitt round a mark on Day 1

match 6
Spectators enjoy the view of the racing from the deck

match 7
Day 2 - Racing

match 4
Day 1 - Briefing

Match - 2
Day 2 - Briefing

match - 3
Mark Hillman on Flag Duty

match 5
Fueling the Sailors - the real Engine Room of the Club (Sarah, Maryanne, Teena and Sue)

Click here for more GBC stories and pictures from recent events...

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